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May 2014

Quarterly materials education update from Granta Design


Granta's Resources for Education Top

1. Get ahead for the new academic year—new CES EduPack resources

Are you starting to think about next year's teaching? Why not join our web seminar, on Wednesday May 28, to pick up ideas for materials-related interdisciplinary teaching and project-based work with Granta’s resources?

Find out how you can take advantage of the new developments in CES EduPack 2014, supporting materials-related teaching, design and project work, and teaching on sustainable development. A new French-language interface is also available.

Webinar: Register now for May 28 

What's new in CES EduPack 2014? 

Contact us before May 31 if you are interested in using CES EduPack 2014 in next year's teaching and do not have a current maintenance license. Users of CES EduPack with a license entitling them to an update will receive their new version during May.  

Request an online meeting before May 31 

Materials Education Community News Top

2. Materials Education Symposia—read the report & download presentations

This Spring, world-leading educators gathered at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (March 20-21) and the University of Cambridge (April 10-11), for two days of presentations, poster sessions, and networking. The extended discussion sessions highlighted several key trends in interdisciplinary materials education:

  • Introducing sustainability alongside materials and design related teaching (meeting accreditation criteria, creating multidisciplinary teams).
  • Reinvigorating classroom teaching and project based work (new educational strategies and paradigms).
  • Strengthening links between education and industry (real-world projects, access to resources and techniques used in industry, multidisciplinary teams and projects).
  • Raising the awareness of materials teaching across all fields of science, engineering, and design.

A full report is now available, featuring photographs, quotes from attendees, and highlights from the speaker program. In his forward, Prof. Mike Ashby, Chair of the Symposia’s Academic Advisory Committee, comments that this year “the sense of engagement, of a materials community that is forward-looking and enjoys what they do, was stronger than ever.”

Download your free copy of the report 

Attendees can also download PDF copies of the presentations (using the passwords supplied) from the Symposia site: North American Symposium | International Symposium

What next? If you'd like to get involved in the 1st Asian Materials Education Symposium in Dec 2014 or the Spring 2015 events, why not submit a talk or poster abstract? Express your interest or register online now to benefit from early bird rates:

Dates Materials Education Symposia What next?
Dec 11-12,
1st Asian Symposium
National University of Singapore
Submit an abstract and register now
(Early bird rates until July 31)
March 26-27, 2015 6th North American Symposium
Ohio State University
Express your interest
April 9-10,
7th International Symposium
University of Cambridge, UK
Register now for 2015 at 2014 prices

Read the call for abstracts at www.materials-education.com 

3. In brief—news from Granta's network of materials educators

  Where are the 1000 universities and colleges using Granta's resources?

Granta has been invited to join the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES) and Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC).
Granta’s Marc Fry said “We have worked with many members of IFEES and GEDC over the past 4 years and are delighted to join these two excellent organizations as a corporate partner.” In addition to participating in the 2014 World Engineering Forum in Dubai this December, Granta will also support the IFEES 2014 Global Award for Excellence in Engineering Education. Read more about IFEES and GEDC...

The Environmental Materials Information Technology (EMIT) Consortium is a collaborative project (members include Airbus Helicopters, Defense and Space, Boeing, Emerson Electric, Granta, Honeywell, NASA, NPL, Rolls-Royce) that develops and applies information technology solutions to enable product design and development in the context of environmental objectives and regulations.  
The Environmental Materials Information Technology (EMIT) Consortium 
Granta's Dr Tatiana Vakhitova represented the Education Division at March's Consortium meeting, finding out more about the cross-over between materials education and industry: "The insights from the EMIT Consortium are of great value to educators—a key aspect of preparing engineering students for careers in industry is making them aware of the interconnection between business risks and environmental challenges. To do this successfully requires reliable and comparative data for projects in sustainability, as well as models and tools that will allow these future engineers to address and respond to such risks." Read a report of the Open Session...

Granta is joining the Circular Economy 100 (CE100) programme, a group of leading universities, companies, and emerging innovators, coordinated by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, developing new approaches and tools to support the transition to a ‘circular economy.' Read the announcement...  

Download offer: 1000 universities and colleges are using Granta's resources. Visit our website to get your copy of 'The use of CES EduPack at all levels of higher education'...

Granta are recruiting: opportunities are available for summer interns, new graduates, and experienced materials educators. Visit the careers pages...

What's happening in Granta's network? 

4. Teaching Resources—explore the resources and join the conversation

  • Advanced Case Studies in Transportation
  • A White Paper about the Elements Database
  • Exercises for Sustainable Development teaching

These are just some of the new resources recently added to the Teaching Resources Website.  Stay up-to-date with what’s new by logging in and subscribing to the new quarterly Teaching Resources Newsletter.

Edit your newsletter preferences within the Teaching Resources Website 

Events and Training Top

5. This Summer's events—meet us at ASEE, CDIO, ICEFA & JUNIOR EUROMAT

Granta’s Education Team looks forward to meeting with the engineering education community again at upcoming events. If you would like to meet with us to discuss materials education topics, or perhaps to find out more about the Symposia, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Dates Conference More
(Indianapolis, IN, USA)
Hear Granta's  Dr Claes Fredriksson speak on "Facilitating the Teaching of Product Development"
International CDIO Conference
(Barcelona, Spain)
Join our workshop on "Learning Outcomes for Sustainable Development Teaching in Engineering Degrees"
(Lisbon, Portugal)
Hear Dr Claes Fredriksson speak on "How to Avoid Failure in Engineering Education—Practical Materials Selection with CES EduPack"
(Lausanne, Switzerland)
Meet Granta's education team and hear Marc Fry speak.

The events page on Granta's updated Education Website contains links to recent and upcoming events, conferences, and web seminars. If you're going to an event we're attending, come and find us!

Visit the Community Events page 

6. Online training for educators using CES EduPack—1st Thursday of the month

All educators using CES EduPack in their teaching are invited to participate in these regular online training sessions. Held on the first Thursday of the month, the sessions include presentations and practical demonstrations, followed by questions and answers with Granta's Education Team.

Educators, sign up for training 

Thursday, June 5: "A Picture Tells a Thousand Words"


Join the new monthly CES EduPack Training
Hannah Melia, who leads the Teaching Resources Team, will show you different ways you can use diagrams, charts, and images in CES EduPack to convey Materials concepts. She’ll cover general tips and tricks and make sure you are up-to-date with what is going on in our community. Hannah will be able to answer any questions you might have after the session.


Join monthly CES EduPack Training

On the blog Top

7. Vinyl—Prof. Mike Ashby's latest 'unappreciated material'

Visit the Blog   "Some materials catch headlines, are held in awe, but not all.  Some get little respect, despite having changed the world.  They have become commonplace, anonymous, ignored and (particularly if they are cheap) cast aside when no longer wanted.  If they had feelings, they would be hurt. This brief series of blogs is to draw attention to their plight."

Keep reading: visit the Blog 

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