Download Offer for CES EduPack eBulletin readers

This offer has now expired

Following successful discussions at the 2012 Materials Education Symposia the Granta team is currently developing extra resources to support sustainability education.

A draft presentation, by Mike Ashby (Cambridge University) and Didac Ferrer (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya), is available for anyone to download for  two weeks only.

We welcome your feedback at this early stage in the process, as we start to develop a lecture unit, white paper, exercises, and an enhanced CES EduPack teaching database. Please email and let us know your thoughts.

  To support students as they learn about these systems, the new records in CES EduPack provide diagrams and descriptions of these technologies, together with details about the materials they use, their efficency, and other resource demands.


  • The global vision of sustainable development – Definition – Triple bottom line – The three Capitals
  • Specific "articulations" of sustainable technology – Examples – conflicts
  • Three key efficiencies – Energy efficiency – Bio-efficiency – Material efficiency
  • Material efficiency – Why is it low? What are the boundary conditions?
  • A database to support sustainable selection of materials – content - use