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February 2014

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Granta for Education Top

1. Preview CES EduPack 2014—see it at upcoming web seminars

CES EduPack 2014 is on its way, with new data, resources, and great improvements to usability. See it in action at the upcoming web seminar series with Prof. Mike Ashby:

  • Feb 18: Supporting Science and Engineering Education with CES EduPack 2014
  • Feb 20 & Mar 12: New Developments in CES EduPack 2014
  • Feb 25: Sustainability—Supporting Social and Environmental Awareness
  • Feb 27: Teaching and Research Resources for Bio Engineering

Register for webinars in this series with Prof. Mike Ashby 

  One of a number of usability enhancements: new homepages quickly show available data; help students navigate straight to the information that they need; and provide links to video tutorials.   Based on feedback from those teaching bio engineering, we've significantly revised this edition, enhancing the Level 2 data and releasing new Level 3 data for advanced teaching.  

CES EduPack 2014 provides new features and enhancements based on user feedback.

  • For materials-related teaching, including: support for introductory courses (e.g., new homepages, above left); new resources in a number of different subject areas, enabling campus-wide use (e.g., new Bio Engineering Edition, above right); more for core science teaching (e.g., an interactive Periodic Table).
  • For design and project work, including: enhanced tools for Capstone-related project work and easier selection and filtering by material application.
  • For sustainable development, including: a new Sustainable Development Edition introducing social and economic factors.

Users with a current maintenance agreement will receive CES EduPack 2014 in May.

Full details on what's new in CES EduPack 2014 

2. 'Why is materials education important?'—watch our new five-minute video

Taking the long view, Prof. Mike Ashby notes the impact of materials on our society from pre-history to today's innovations and engineering grand challenges, such as tackling climate change or improving human health. "A better understanding of materials, and innovation in their use, must be part of solving such problems," he argues. Materials education, then, is vital. Materials also acts as a valuable ‘hub’ topic, linking together many subjects in engineering, science, and design. The video explains how this perspective informs Granta’s work in supporting a worldwide network of materials educators with teaching resources, advice, and ideas.   Watch a five-minute video...

Watch the video on our new look website 

Materials Education Community Top

3. Materials Education Symposia—call for posters by Feb 15

2014 Theme: 'Materials, Systems, Innovation, and Sustainable Development'

Now in their 6th year, attendees hail the Materials Education Symposia as "the main forum for discussion of education issues in engineering materials". This Spring, join world-leading educators at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (March 20-21) and the University of Cambridge (April 10-11), including:

John Abelson (UIUC), Mike Ashby (Cambridge), Rudolph Buchheit (Ohio State), Bill Callister (Utah), Timothy Gutowski (MIT), Ronald Kander (Philadelphia), John Nychka (Alberta), Rick Sisson (WPI), Linda Cadwell Stancin (Spirit Aerosystems), Ashley White (U.S. Green Building Council), Yves Bréchet (INP-Grenoble), David Embury (McMaster), Peter Goodhew (Liverpool), Mark Miodownik (UCL), and Srinivasa Ranganathan (IISc Bangalore).

Accommodation is filling up for the Spring events: book now to stay on-campus.
  Discussion session at the 2013 Symposium held at Cambridge University

Sign up at www.materials-education.com 

  • 5th North American Materials Education Symposium.
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, March 20-21, 2014
  • 6th International Materials Education Symposium
    University of Cambridge, UK, April 10-11, 2014
  • 1st Asian Materials Education Symposium
    National University of Singapore, Dec 11-12, 2014

The deadline for poster abstracts is Feb 15 for the two Spring events: posters should describe approaches to university-level materials education across science, engineering, and design.

Call for poster abstracts (by Feb 15) 

4. Join Granta's network of materials educators

Visit our website to find out why 1000 universities and colleges are using Granta's resources. Read more about our involvement with materials organizations, societies, and collaborative projects such as the LIFE+ Circular Economy Metrics project.

Working with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, this project aims to deliver the first metric tool for measuring circularity. This will support the concept of a ‘circular economy’—a generic term for an economy that is regenerative by design—offering a practical alternative to the linear model of 'cradle to grave'. Taking an approach which is similar to the calculation of a product carbon footprint or energy performance, the project will trial both a company and product level Circularity Metric for measuring the performance of enterprises and products in the context of the circular economy. 

What's happening in Granta's network? 

  Where are the 1000 universities and colleges using Granta's resources?

5. Teaching Resources—explore the resources and join the conversation

With the launch of CES EduPack 2014 just around the corner, sign up for updates from the Teaching Resource Website to be kept informed as new white papers, lecture units, and databases are released. Discover more than 250 teaching resources developed by Prof. Mike Ashby, Granta’s Teaching Resources Team, and contributed by educators from around the world.   Looking for good ideas? Visit the Teaching Resources Website.

Edit your newsletter preferences within the Teaching Resource Website 

Other Events and Training Top

6. Recent events—Philadelphia’s CES EduPack workshop

In December, Dr. Ron Kander, Executive Dean of the College of Design, Engineering, and Commerce at Philadelphia University, joined members of Granta's education team and educators from across the United States for a 24-hour interactive workshop demonstrating resources for materials educators. Delegates picked up suggestions to help inspire and challenge students: "the interactive workshop and product-oriented teaching got the ideas across to everyone easily".


Delegates join discussions and try out CES EduPack

Read the full report 

7. CES EduPack short courses—Putting CES EduPack into practice

Prof. Mike Ashby will again be leading two short courses alongside the Materials Education Symposia in March and April. These 2-day courses will introduce and demonstrate the use of CES EduPack, with a particular focus on "Materials and the Environment". Professors, Lecturers, and Program Directors of university and college courses related to materials and manufacturing are all welcome to take part, working through a series of units each including a short lecture, a software demonstration, discussion time, and a "hands-on session" during which attendees can use the latest CES EduPack software. Join a course into try out the new features, information, and teaching resources in CES EduPack 2014.

Short course dates Venue More details
March 18-19 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL North American course
April 8-9 University of Cambridge, UK International course

More details on the Symposia website 

8. Upcoming events—Meet us on Booth 114 at TMS

Granta’s Education Team looks forward to meeting with the engineering education community again at this year’s TMS Annual Meeting and Exhibition. If you would like to meet with us to discuss materials education topics or find out more about the Symposium, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

The events page on Granta's updated Education Website contains links to recent and upcoming events, conferences, and web seminars. If you're going to an event we're at, please come and find us.

Visit the Community Events page 

9. NEW online training for educators using CES EduPack—
1st Thursday of the month from Feb 6

New course this semester? Want a quick way to learn the basics of CES EduPack and get some ideas of what to do with your students?Join us online for one hour on Feb 6 where we'll be covering:
  • Quick overview of finding information, creating charts, making selections and assessing Eco impact.
  • Review of where you can find teaching resources, including exercises, lecture units, and white papers.
  • How to help students get started with the Video Tutorials.

Looking for training in advanced case studies and specialist editions?
Join the sessions in March and April for in-depth case studies with practical ideas you can use with your students.

Educators, sign up for training 


Join the new monthly CES EduPack Training

All educators using CES EduPack in their teaching are invited to participate in these regular online training sessions. Held on the first Thursday of the month, the sessions include presentations and practical demonstrations, followed by questions and answers with Granta's Education Team.

On the blog Top

10. Information management for additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, often referred to as ‘3-D printing’, is creating great excitement in advanced manufacturing. Use of the technology means that fully functional objects can be built from plastics and metal, layer-by-layer, in extraordinary detail, without the need for expensive molding and with minimal post-processing required. Collaborative projects are one important mechanism for driving research in this area.

Visit the Blog   These projects need to overcome a host of practical issues—not all of which may be immediately obvious!  For example, Granta is helping with managing the huge quantities of materials information generated—effective use of this information can be an important success factor….

Keep reading: visit the Blog 

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