Hints and Tips: CES EduPack Bulletin, April 2013

To help students get started quickly and find what they need, the CES EduPack 2013 video tutorials will all be on YouTube, as well as embedded on the Granta website—ready for them to search for and watch when they need them.

YouTube buttonsYouTube provides useful features at the bottom of the YouTube window once you click play. We'll take a look at the first three... why not try them out on the Getting Started Playlist shown here?


Playlists Tutorials have been cut into bite-sized chunks, and placed in playlists linking related topics. To view other items in the playlist, simply click on the 'playlist' icon in the YouTube window. You can then select the 'chunk' you want to watch.
Captions All videos have closed captions available in English.(YouTube also offers automatically translated captions in other languages). Simply click on the captions icon in the YouTube window.
Settings Finally, you can adjust the resolution as appropriate for your display and internet connection, up to high definition, by simply clicking on the settings icon.

See the video tutorials on the Granta website