Engineering and Materials Education and Research in USA

Every engineer will encounter materials in their professional life. Whether it’s about designing a new car, optimizing supply chains or thinking about new green and sustainable approaches, they will need to understand the world of materials and their selection.


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Granta’s resources are now used by over 200 universities, research labs and leading engineering companies in USA to advance materials engineering and education, and to enable better, greener, safer products. Examples include Northwestern University, Georgia Tech, UCLA, University of Michigan, NASA, Los Alamos National Lab, Honeywell and many others.

In the last academic year, more than 20 new USA universities have made the Granta’s CES EduPack available to their students. We estimate that more than 200,000 engineering students use CES EduPack every semester.


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Locations of approx 200 US and Canadian institutions using CES EduPack—click for a list
Locations of approx 200 US and Canadian institutions using CES EduPack—click for a list
Upcoming Events, hands-on Workshops and Webinars

Jan 9-13

SCI-TECH, Grapevine, TX

Granta is exhibiting at this event.
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Jan 26

Webinar: Managing Materials Risks for Sustainable Design and Circular Economy

Presenters: Prof Mike Ashby and Dr Tatiana Vakhitova
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Feb 24

Workshop: Advanced Material Selection - from lightweighting to Eco Design

Hosted by University of California Irvine, Irvine, CA
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Feb 26 - Mar 2

TMS Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA

CES Selector Workshop—Interactive Materials Data Visualization & Selection
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Past workshops in 2016 have been hosted by Northwestern University and UC Berkeley. Faculty from more than 50 USA universities have participated to past workshops.

Past webinars in 2016 have been joined by more than 1,000 academics. Some examples below:

Materials Education Symposia in USA

The Materials Education Symposia in USA are key events for materials educators in engineering, design and science. This year's Symposium was held at University of California, Berkeley. Next Symposium will be held on August 2017 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Learn more here 

Locations of approx 200 US and Canadian institutions using CES EduPack—click for a list

Basing your course on a textbook?

No matter which textbook you are using in your “Introduction to Materials” class, CES EduPack has been developed to support materials-related undergraduate teaching independent of the teaching approach. Find out more about how  EduPack can be used alongside classes based on Callister, Shackelford, or Ashby:

Download these white papers on how to use CES EduPack with the Ashby, Callister and Shackelford textbooks:

Find these and many other teaching resources in Granta's Education Hub 

Software and Resources

CES EduPack CES EduPack is the world-leading resource for materials education, used at hundreds of universities and colleges in the US, Canada, and around the world.
Granta's Education Hub Granta's Education Hub augments the CES EduPack software with unique materials information and over 300 lectures, projects, student exercies, and more..
CES Selector CES Selector is powerful software used to support materials decisions in industry, and ideal for advanced teaching projects or research.