CES EduPack Web Training

Introducing CES EduPack (50 minutes)

Who: This session is particularly designed for participants in Granta's campus license program.

First and Third Thursday of each month

Time: 3pm UK time (4pm in France & Germany, 10am East Coast US)


The CES EduPack provides information about materials and processes for shaping, joining and finishing them. It is designed to be used as an adjunct to courses in Engineering and Design, at all levels of University education, both as a resource and for project work. The training session will introduce the different CES EduPack Editions and demonstrate how these can be used to:

  • Retrieve information about a material or process
  • Search for materials via applications or trade names
  • Select materials to meet given requirements on their properties
  • Select materials to meet constraints of processing
  • Select processes to manipulate a given material

Lecturers attending the talk should learn enough to be able to use the software effectively. A “Getting Started” guide is available as a prompt.


This training is for educators with a current license for CES EduPack. To attend, please register:

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In instances where you are planning for a large number of lecturers to attend, we will be happy to arrange an additional session to suits your needs. Please contact us to discuss.