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TuE, DEC 18

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Biomaterials selection for joint replacement:  metals, ceramics, polymers

Everyone needs teaching inspiration now and again! Once a quarter, Educators using CES EduPack can join Dr. Claes Frediksson, who will present a new advanced industrial case study. After the session, the PowerPoint presentation with notes will be shared, ready to be used in the classroom. Please register for each individual case study web seminar session.

Biomaterials selection for a joint replacement:
metals, ceramics, polymers

Broadcast dates: December 13 and 18

How do we make the right materials choices for bioengineering applications? We can draw on our experience in creating and applying tools to address this question using the CES platform, both for teaching bioengineering students and for making materials selection choices in the biomedical field. In this advanced industrial case study, we’ll explore how CES EduPack can be used to identify and assess the optimum materials for a total hip replacement – with a specific look at the roles of the main material classes in the implant. Metal alloys for structural integrity, ceramics for minimizing wear in the articulating surfaces or polymers as a lightweight alternative. All under the constraints of biocompatibility. To add realism, we explore the ASM Medical Materials Database™ which contains over 60,000 approved medical devices.

Join this session to:

  • See how CES EduPack can be used to select biomaterials for a total hip replacement
  • Guide students to examine properties of metals, ceramics and polymers, to increase understanding of their roles and importance in medical devices
  • Watch a demonstration based on the mechanical properties of bone where biocompatible materials will be considered
  • Learn about the links to and from the ASM Medical Materials Database™.

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Presenter biographies

Dr. Claes Fredriksson

Dr. Claes Fredriksson has more than 15 years’ experience teaching Materials-related subjects to undergraduate and post graduate students in Sweden, Canada, Belgium and the U.S.A, mainly in Mechanical Engineering. After gaining an MSc in Engineering Physics and PhD in Theoretical Physics he worked in both theoretical and experimental research on polymers, metals and biomaterials. He has a passion for teaching and won a grant as part of Sweden’s Excellence in Teaching Programme to enable him to teach in the U.S.A. and facilitate the cross-pollination of pedagogical approaches.

Dr. Lakshana Mohee Dr. Lakshana Mohee completed a PhD in the Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials at the Department of Materials and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge. Her technical background is collagen scaffolds for tissue engineering, as well as other bioengineering areas. Currently at Granta, she supports Universities in Canada, Sweden, and Poland, as well as parts of the USA. She was born in Mauritius and moved to France for her undergraduate studies in Materials Science and Engineering in a French Engineering School called INSA Rennes. She completed her Master’s Degree in Biomaterials at the same institution. During her studies, she had research internships in Canada and Singapore, and an industrial placement in Mauritius.

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