The Materials Science & Engineering Package

Experience suggests that learning is better achieved by discovery for oneself than by passive listening. The CES EduPack Materials Science and Engineering (MS&E) Package is a set of resources that allows students to explore the relationships between the Processing, Structure and Properties of materials.

The aim of this package of resources is to stimulate discovery and pose questions: why does this property change in that way when the material is processed? why is this other property unchanged?

The MS&E package is visual in its presentation and it is backed-up with downloadable “Science notes” and Teaching and Learning resources. Over 40 exercises (with worked solutions available for instructors) and a range of suggested Micro-projects are built on the extensive data about materials and procesesses, and the supporting visualization tools.

Extensive introductory data

MS and E Package

Interactive phase diagrams

Interactive phase diagrams

Process / structure / property

Property / process relationships

The Package currently consistes of an extra database for use with licensed students plus supporting resources available through the Granta Education Hub website.

As an instructor that uses CES EduPack in your teaching, you can download the database at no extra charge by clicking on 'Extra Databases' in the change database screen of CES EduPack 2018.

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