Reliable materials informationAccessing reliable materials information

You often want reliable information: property data or application information to illustrate a point in a lecture, comparative data between different materials, data sets to support student projects. CES EduPack provides all of the data you need on metals, plastics, composites, ceramics and more.

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The Materials and Processes Database

Every copy of the CES EduPack software contains the Materials and Processes Database, a unique resource covering the full range of engineering materials, including metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, and natural materials. Three levels match student progress through their course with increasing breadth and depth of information. Datasheets cover materials and processes—students can click on every property to see its definition and, at Levels 1 & 2, a detailed textbook-style 'Science Note' explaining the underlying science. The Database is unique in that every property is populated for every material, enabling comparison and selection across the full range of materials. Data is referenced so that students can question sources. CES EduPack tools make it fast and simple to search, browse, and plot this information.

More on the Materials and Processes Database, including sample content 

  ABS datasheet

Specialist databases

CES EduPack Editions augment the Materials and Processes database with additional, detailed data and information covering specific topics, drawn from Granta's range of industrial databases. These include:

There are also adapted versions of the core Materials and Processes database providing additional images, data, and in-depth information for teaching topics such as Architecture, Sustainability, or Low Energy Power.

The Bio Engineering edition also links to the online ASM Medical Materials Database.

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Industrial data available with CES Selector 

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Tools to find and apply the data

Whatever combination of information is available within your copy of CES EduPack, you can find the data that you need instantly with super-fast searching, or browse through the database structured to find what you need. Graphing and selection tools mean that you can apply and explore the data—for example, plot any combination of properties against any other combination in a few mouse clicks.

Tools to browse, search, plot, and select 

  Tensile test v density plot