Information Pack for Educators

Preparing a course for next year?  Looking for inspiration? Trying to update the course or make it more appealing? Incorporating Sustainability or other curriculum changes? This information pack gives you direct access to a small sample selection of Granta's teaching resources for ideas on how CES EduPack can help, as well as PDFs of the latest product information.

Sample resources cover topics including:

  • Introduction to Materials—Giving students an overview of the Materials Universe
  • Rational Materials Selection—Helping students learn the best methods for decision making
  • Quick access to reliable data—Saving you and your students time
  • Visualizing data—Because students learn in different ways
  • Eco Audit Tool—Environmental awareness, handling uncertain data, modelling
  • Science-lead teaching of Materials—How to enliven the fundamentals
  • Project-based approach to Sustainable Development—Case studies and a tested methodology
  • Getting Students Started Quickly
  • Does anyone else use CES EduPack?
  • Webinar Recording—Top 10 things to do with CES EduPack
  • Latest Product Information

These resources are a small subset of the materials education teaching resources available to educators using CES EduPack through Granta's Education Hub. Some are also available as Open Educational Resources.

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