Customer review for CES EduPack 2011:

Supportive for lecture preparation and student guidance

Dr Xiang Li, Materials Science and Engineering Department, Zhejiang University, P.R.China

Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) of Zhejiang University founded in 1978 is the first comprehensive MSE department established in P.R.China. There are more than 120 undergraduates, more than 180 postgraduates enrolled every year in our department. As one of the most influential MSE departments in the academia in China, the innovative thinking and practical ability have always been one of our crucial educational objectives to our graduates.

We have purchased the CES EduPack 2011 for our new English language based professional course, 'Materials design and processing', for our research students. We found that the software is tremendously informative. Due to its unique easy-operational and practical characteristics, students have been very interested in this course, during which a lot of interesting (sometime 'novel') ideals were generated by using the materials selection tools.

On the other side, as the lecturer of this course, I personally feel that the teaching resources offered on CES EduPack 2011 website have been really supportive for my lecture preparation and students guidance. The case study samples have really offered an effective approach for training the practical materials designing skills for our students to better suit our current blooming manufacturing industry here in China.