The use of CES EduPack at all levels of Higher Education

Arlindo Silva (1), Mike. F. Ashby (2), Hannah Melia (3)

  1. Materials Education Consultant, Edu. Division, Granta Design Ltd., Cambridge, UK
  2. Emeritus Professor, Department of Engineering, Cambridge University, UK
  3. Teaching Resources Team Leader, Edu. Division, Granta Design Ltd, Cambridge, UK

1st Edition, December 2012 © Granta Design Limited

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At the time of writing, CES EduPack is used in over 800 colleges and universities worldwide. In order to understand the use of CES EduPack around the world, a selected number of academics were contacted by Granta Design to let us know how they use CES EduPack with their students, and this paper compiles that information.

The paper recounts the experiences that academics have had with CES EduPack, in some cases for more than 15 years, in other cases with hundreds of students. This paper is divided in several sections according to different levels of higher education, from undergraduate to PhD level, followed by the use of CES EduPack in pre-University courses and in design projects across different Universities. A list of contacts for the contributing academics, from which we deeply appreciate the effort and time spent, is provided in the end. Although the paper is not intended as the ultimate reference about CES EduPack, it nevertheless provides useful information about exciting things being done worldwide and can potentially give you fresh ideas to use in your teaching.

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