Materials and the Environment:
Eco-informed Materials Choice

Materials and the EnvironmentUser reviews

"I am teaching a new course in our Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Curriculum called Material Selection for Clean Technologies. I have adopted Professor Ashby's Materials and the Environment as the required textbook. We are only through about one half of the first semester of the course but I believe the book is going to be ideal. In this new book, Professor Ashby enables quantification of environmental impact using the same function, constraint, objective format he developed in his earlier books. By comparing material indices—which now contain environment-related objectives in addition to cost and mass—students are able to make rational, quantitative material choices for their mechanical designs."   

Matthew P. Miller
Professor, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Cornell University

"Mike Ashby has done it again!  Materials and the Environment is a comprehensive text that provides a thorough and accessible view of the material life cycle and how it can be included in the design process.  The author brings together the social, regulatory, scientific, and engineering aspects of environmentally conscious materials selection in a way that few others can.  I look forward to using this book in my own classes, where students will surely benefit from the well-designed graphics, the numerous case studies and the integration with CES EduPack software."

Trevor S. Harding
Associate Professor, Materials Engineering
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

"In the 'Materials for Sustainability' class at the University of Illinois, seniors and graduate students from many engineering backgrounds used Mike Ashby's new textbook to guide their analysis of the role of materials in terms of embodied energy, CO2 footprint, and sustainability criteria.  We supplemented the book with the CES EduPack Eco Edition, and detailed examples of materials selection methods.  The combination put into the hands of the students what they needed— a systematic understanding of the issues, coupled with quantitative methods to select materials that simultaneously meet engineering requirements and reduce the environmental burden.

The book Materials and the Environment is lucidly written.  It provides clear insight into the many facets of these complex issues, guidance on ways to develop solutions, and references to additional sources.  It contines the tradition of outstanding scholarship and readability that is the hallmark of Ashby's publications."

John R. Abelson
Professor of MatSE
Co-Director of the Energy and Sustainability Engineering Initiative
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign