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Granta Education Team celebrating the CES EduPack 2016 release

Our Education Team combines Software Engineers, Data Experts, Educators with decades of teaching experience at universities, specialists in Materials Science, Materials Engineering, Bioengineering, Sustainable Development, and Aerospace Engineering. What unites us is: a belief in the importance of Materials; a passion for building great resources to help teach that topic to the next generation of Engineers, Designers, and Scientists; and enthusiasm for working with the Materials Education Community to achieve this.

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The Team regularly run webinars, workshops, short courses, and training sessions both for existing CES EduPack users and those interested in our work. We also regularly attend and speak at conferences and help to organise the Materials Education Symposia.

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We value the feedback and guidance we receive from around 5,000 instructors and educators world-wide who use CES EduPack in their teaching. And we're interested in collaborating with anyone working n Materials Education—why not arrange an on-line meeting to see how we could work together?

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