Introductory University-level Teaching

CES EduPack is used to support an introduction to Materials in First and Second year undergraduate degrees, Community and Regional Colleges, and even in some programs in High Schools (for example, in France). This includes in subjects like Industrial Design, Architecture, and Engineering Technology, where Materials is not the main focus.

Materials families

Examples of using CES EduPack to introduce materials:

  • Understand materials and their properties using images, text, data and charts
  • Understand the link between materials and manufacturing processes
  • In simple project work, for example:
    • Play detective and find out all about a material in a household object
    • Compare and select materials for applications
    • Investigate the effects of heat treatment or composition on properties
  • Introduce sustainability concepts and eco-design
  • Self-learning: acting like an interactive textbook

How does it help?

CES EduPack Level 1 provides fast, simple access to data and supporting teaching information. Its Materials and Processes Database covers 69 common materials and their properties. Students can browse and search this information, reading textbook-style explanations, viewing supporting images, and plotting the data. The software is visual and interactive, presents data in more than one format, and supports straightforward exercises to explore this data. This helps students to absorb new information and connect it to their innate knowledge of the subject—to everyday observations such as: 'how stiff is a ruler?', 'glass shatters!', or 'some plastics can be stretched'.

Level 2 has more materials and more properties and it contains Material Family Summary records with visual overviews of the composition and properties of material families. With this database students on Introduction to Materials courses can be guided through simple selection projects, explore the environmental impact of products. The Elements database can help to show how the properties of materials relate to fundamental properties, crystal structure, bonding and so on.  Lastly, if you want to introduce, for example, heat treatments and their effect on properties, you can use Level 3.

As well as the databases, there are self-study resources for students, accessed from the ‘Learn’ icon on the main toolbar.

The Materials Science & Engineering Package is a  set of resources designed to support introductory courses in this area, enabling students to explore the relationships between the Processing, Structure and Properties of materials. This Package is available as an additional download to all users of CES EduPack 2018. More information 

Introductory teaching resources, including papers on how CES EduPack can support courses based on leading textbooks like Callister, Shackelford, and Ashby, Shercliff and Cebon, provide inspiration for Introduction to Materials classes.

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