Granta web seminars

Granta web seminars for all Materials Educators

Granta runs a series of regular web seminars for anyone with an interest in Materials Education, covering ideas for teaching materials, case studies from industry and education, examples of the use of the CES EduPack resources, and previews of resources that we are working on.

Current web seminar program

June 1
Projets et auto-apprentissage dans les cursus matériaux et mécanique
Rejoignez ce séminaire en ligne du jeudi 1 juin pour découvrir comment incorporer dans vos cursus de nombreuses compétences et connaissances, indispensables en industrie, liées aux matériaux, aux propriétés et à leur utilisation.

June 8
Automotive Materials Choice – The Bigger Picture
Join this web seminar on Thursday, June 8 to find out why material selection should consider not only material performance but also the environmental and economic cost. This will be illustrated by a case study on the design of an automotive door panel.

July 13
Service Teaching – Engaging students on the big Materials Introductory Course
Join this web seminar on Thursday, July 13 to share inspirational ideas on how CES EduPack supports the teaching of introductory level materials courses. Find out about the new Products, Materials and Processes database, which engages students in learning about materials through its wide range of iconic and interesting products.


Online training for CES EduPack users

In addition to the open web seminars above, Granta runs regular online training for educators who are using CES EduPack in their courses (note, this training is not open to students).

Find out about online training events 


Using the WebEx system for Granta web seminars

Granta uses the WebEx system to support our web seminars and online training. Anyone with an Internet-connected computer should be able to join via a web browser. You can either stream the audio through your computer or (recommended for optimal performace) dial in using a telephone. The system should work well with most personal computers, but it is always worth testing it before your first attendance at an online event, as it may need to install some components in your browser.

More information on testing and troubleshooting WebEx