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Teaching Sustainable
Critical Materials


Join this web seminar on Tuesday, November 7, as we discuss critical raw materials and their importance when considering the sustainability of products. Guest presenters from leading academic institutions will discuss their collaboration to promote and support teaching of this topic, and we’ll hear about resources and learning opportunities for you and your students.


What you will learn

  • Find out why 'critical raw materials' is an important topic when teaching engineering
  • Hear directly from academics working in this field, who are collaborating through the European SusCritMat Project
  • Learn which issues are crucial for students seeking to understand this topic
  • See CES EduPack teaching resources that can help you when putting together courses on sustainability
  • Hear about an opportunity for your students to attend a Winter Course on sustainable critical materials.

Who should take part?

  • Lecturers teaching sustainability courses, or sustainability topics as part of courses in engineering, design, or management. Get useful information for defining courses, and practical tools to deliver them.

About the presenters

David Peck Dr David Peck is Senior Research Fellow at TU Delft, researching and teaching in the field of circular cities and critical materials. His work finds that current linear economy approaches mean that the security of resources will become increasingly challenging and proposes that a positive pathway is to adopt a circular approach to design and development in cities. He is the TU Delft lead for pioneer university status with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a visiting Professor with Coventry University, and an adjunct Professor at MIP Politecnico di Milano. He is lead manager or representative on a number of European Union research projects.
Patrick Waeger Dr Patrick Wäger is the Head of Laboratory at the Technology & Society Laboratory at EMPA, Switerland. He studied organic, bio-organic and analytical chemistry at ETH Zurich, where he also received his PhD. Patrick’s research interests are circular economy, critical raw materials, emerging technologies, societal metabolism, and sustainability transitions. Amongst others, he is leading work package 2 of the EU H2020 project "Prospecting Secondary Raw Materials in the Urban Mine and Mining Wastes" (ProSUM). Patrick's memberships include the steering group "Sustainable use of limited resources" of the Swiss Academies of Science.
Tatiana Vakhitova Dr Tatiana Vakhitova is leading the business development activities of the Granta Education Team in Europe, Russia, Central Asia and Middle East. She also works in close collaboration with Professor Mike Ashby in educational projects and Sustainable Development teaching resources, as well as coordinates the EU Sustainable Critical Materials project at Granta. She has lectured at University of Cambridge, TU Berlin, Chalmers University of Technology, KU Leuven and others. Her PHD is from the Centre for Sustainable Development (Engineering Department) and MPHil from Land Economy Department at the University of Cambridge.

How to register and join the session

There is no cost but registration is required through the WebEx system. Please ensure you set your local time zone to receive accurate meeting invitations and test your setup in advance of the meeting. How to use WebEx, including setting times zone & language preferences 

This web seminar is not appropriate for students.

About CES EduPack

CES EduPack is the world-leading teaching resource for materials in engineering, science, processing, and design. It provides a comprehensive database of materials and process information and powerful tools to visualise data, select materials, assess environmental impact, and model hybrid materials and the cost of manufacturing. A range of supporting lectures, projects, case studies, and exercises are provided via Granta’s Education Hub. Specialist editions include the Sustainable Development Edition, ideal for supporting courses in this area.

CES EduPack Sustainable Development Edition 

About the Sustainable Critical Materials project

SusCritMat logoSusCritMat is a European Union-funded project that aims to educate people from Master’s student level up, both in industry and academia, about important aspects of Sustainable critical raw materials. In a novel concept, it introduces courses on complex and interdisciplinary topics, in a modular structure, adaptable to a variety of different formats and accessible to both students and managers in industry.

SusCritMat website