Broadcast 1

Thurs, Aug 31

  • LA: 08:00
  • New York: 11:00
  • London: 16:00
  • Paris: 17:00

Broadcast 2

Tues, Sept 5

  • Paris: 09:00
  • Singapore: 15:00
  • Canberra: 17:00
  • Auckland: 19:00

Learning about composites
and hybrids

Improving materials performance


Join this web seminar on Thursday, August 31 to find out how to support the introduction of key concepts in composites and hybrid materials in your teaching. Help students to understand the opportunities and challenges of using these materials in design.


What you will learn

  • Share inspirational ideas for introducing students to composites and hybrid materials
  • Understand the advantages and limitations of composites, and the opportunities for using hybrid materials in design
  • See material selection case studies where composites are considered
  • Find out how to use the Synthesizer Tool in the CES EduPack software to explore the benefits of using different hybrid materials and structures.

Who should take part?

  • Educators teaching material science at any level, especially in a curriculum with hybrid materials majors
  • Academics interested in materials selection for improved performance.

About the presenter

Dr Nicolas Martin holds a PhD in material science as well as a master’s degree in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Bordeaux, France. Nicolas has worked for the alternative energies and atomic energy commission (CEA) and the Safran group before joining Granta. With industrial sponsorship, his doctorate involved composite material improvements for aeronautic applications. Nicolas is leading the education and research related activities for France, French-speaking countries and China. He is also helping with the development of Teaching Resources aimed at all level of studies and delivering training to French-speaking academics.

How to register and join the session

There is no cost but registration is required through the WebEx system. Please ensure you set your local time zone to receive accurate meeting invitations and test your setup in advance of the meeting. How to use WebEx, including setting times zone & language preferences 

This web seminar is not appropriate for students.

About CES EduPack

CES EduPack is the world-leading teaching resource for materials in engineering, science, processing, and design. It provides a comprehensive database of materials and process information, powerful materials software tools, and a range of supporting textbooks, lectures, projects, and exercises. With specialist editions for specific disciplines, and three levels of the database and software to suit varying needs in all years of undergraduate study and in postgraduate teaching, CES EduPack is a curriculum-wide resource.

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