Bioengineering Showcase at the University of Sheffield

Sheffield, UK

February 22, 2017

Granta is speaking at this event.

Founded by Professor Mike Ashby in 1994, Granta today supports over 1,000 universities and colleges worldwide with CES EduPack, the world’s leading resources to support and enhance materials teaching in engineering, design, and sustainability. Granta also coordinates the Materials Education Symposia conferences. We're always interested in meeting the materials education community to discuss how we can work together to further advance the field.

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Granta for Education 


Title: How Granta supports Bioengineering in education and industry

Presenter: Dr Pippa Newby


About the Presenter

Pippa Newby, Education Division, Granta Design
Pippa Newby holds a PhD from Imperial College London on Multifunctional biomaterials for bone tissue engineering as well as a Mphys in Physics from the University of Kent including a master’s project in Optical Coherence tomography. She has been a laboratory demonstrator, supporting first year material science students with their maths studies, tutoring at a range of levels and taken part in various outreach programs including space school, cool physics and forensic crime labs.

  Dr Newby