XIV Convegno Nazionale AIMAT

Ischia Porto, Italy

July 12-15, 2017

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Granta is speaking at this event.

Founded by Professor Mike Ashby in 1994, Granta today supports over 1,000 universities and colleges worldwide with CES EduPack, the world’s leading resources to support and enhance materials teaching in engineering, design, and sustainability. Granta also coordinates the Materials Education Symposia conferences. We're always interested in meeting the materials education community to discuss how we can work together to further advance the field.

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Computational tools and methodologies for the sustainable use of materials in engineering and design

Sustainability is a broad and complex topic that engineers need to consider when developing new products. It involves resources, material and energy flows, alongside societal and economic aspects. In this talk, we present an interactive computational tool and unique database of material properties that enables rational and sustainable material selection in engineering design. These are based on a methodology developed by Prof. Mike Ashby at the University of Cambridge and enable cost, manufacturability, mechanical performance, and eco-properties such as embodied energy or CO2-footprint to be taken into account in a visual and interactive way. Life-cycle implications can be estimated at the early design stage and guidance provided to the student on ways to change the design for improved environmental performance. Examples based on a recently developed Sustainability Database will be used to show how these tools can be used to support resource and criticality aspects in teaching and product development.


Luca Masi, USA Senior Development Manager, Granta Design
Luca is an Aerospace Engineer working at Granta Design as Development Manager for USA. He has run similar materials selection short courses at universities (Georgia Tech, Northwestern University, Boston University, Sheffield University) and conferences (TMS, ASEE). Before joining Granta, he has collaborated with the French Space Agency on software development for bio-inspired space trajectory optimization, and on computational techniques for multi-objective optimization as part of his PhD at the Advanced Space Concepts Laboratory, University of Strathclyde (UK). He is author of several peer-reviewed publications and book chapters for AIAA and IEEE on these subjects. He also has R&D industrial experience in spacecraft propulsion systems. Luca also holds a Master’s Degree (first class) in Space Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Pisa (Italy).
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