Symposium on Teaching and Implementing Sustainability and CES EduPack Workshop

Hosted by the University of Science and Technology Beijing

Venue: University of Science and Technology Beijing

Dates: June 28 (Symposium), June 29-30, 2016 (CES EduPack Workshop)

Join this one-day Symposium to hear from a number of presentations from Academia and Industry in China, on current approaches to teaching Sustainability in the engineering curriculum, and how the importance of Sustainability influences industrial practice. Also, learn about CES EduPack, a unique set of teaching resources that support Materials Education across Engineering, Design, Science and Sustainable Development at the two-day workshop.

Symposium speakers and topics 

Workshop program and presenters 

The Symposium presentations will be followed by an open discussion aimed not only to compare and develop teaching methods, but to develop a basic study group in China for further education on Sustainability at all levels in China. The Symposium welcomes faculty teachers/researchers from leading universities/research institutes as well engineers from industry.

Attendees include: Prof. Mike Ashby (University of Cambridge, UK), Prof. John Embury (McMaster University, Canada), Prof. Ke Lu (Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMR), China), Prof. Kui Zhang (Reims University, France). Read the Symposium brochure (abstracts, list of participants and more) 

USTB   Symposium

Symposium speakers and topics

Tuesday, June 28

Speaker and Institution Topic
Introduction By David EMBURY and LIU Li  
Michael ASHBY
Dept. of Engineering, Cambridge University (UK)
A Structured Approach to Assessing Proposed Sustainable Developments
CANG Daqiang
Engineering, University of Science & Technology Beijing (USTB)
Important topics for sustainable education and teaching - Energy conservation, Environment protection and Resources recycling
FU Jianxun
School of Materials Science & Engineering, Shanghai University
Research on Iron & Steel Manufacturing Process of Low-carbon based on the LCA Method
Dept.of Materials Science & Engineering McMaster University (Canada)
Sustainability - looking backwards and moving forwards
Institute of Mineral Resources Engineering National Taipei University of Technology
Approached From Thermal Melton/Geopolymer Technology to the Ultimate Waste Disposal & Reutilization
LU Jian
Center for Advanced Structural Materials, City University of Hong Kong
Integration of Structural Nanomaterials for Enhancing the Sustainability through Advanced Design and Green Processing
HAN Yulai
School of Materials Science & Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology
Development of the Concept of Sustainability for Gifted Students using an International Cooperative Tutor System
School of Materials Science & Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Education and the development of High quality students specialized in Materials Engineering
School of Materials Science & Engineering Changzhou University
Teaching sustainability in China including student reactions
LV Qinggong
School of Advanced Engineering, University of Science & Technology Beijing (USTB)
Engineering Materials Selection – an open course based on “CES EduPack”
Granta Design, Cambridge (UK)
Material criticality, circularity, risk and resilience
Closing speeches by Ashby,Embury,LU Ke,Liu Li

Workshop program and presenters

The one-day Symposium will be followed by a two-day CES EduPack workshop, open to all attendees of the Symposium. Registration is free, and a copy of the "Materials and the Environment: Eco-Informed Material Choice" translated into Chinese will be given to each participant.

CES EduPack is used at over 1,000 universities and colleges worldwide to support Materials Education from teaching of introductory materials topics to post-graduate courses. Learn more  

Tuesday, June 28

时间 / Time 日程 / Event
09.00 现场注册 / Registration & Refreshments
09.30 致欢迎词 / Course opens-Welcome
09.35 培训简介、教学资源网站分享以及日程回顾 (福来)
Introductions, Teaching Resources Website and Agenda Review (Marc Fry)
09.45 CES EduPack 的材料、数据及图表 (阿诗笔)
Materials, Data and Charts for CES EduPack (Mike Ashby)
10.45 练习 / Hands-on Exercise
11.10 操作特性:组成部分、微观结构以及体系结构 (福来)
Manipulating Properties: Composition, Microstructure, Architecture (Marc Fry)
11.45 练习 / Hands-on Exercise
12.00 高级数据库:标准,生物工程,聚合物,航空航天 (福来)
Advanced Databases: Standard, Bioengineering, Polymer, Aerospace (Marc Fry)
12.30 午餐 / Lunch
13.30 材料选择 (马丁)
Materials Selection (Nicolas Martin)
14.30 练习 / Hands-on Exercise
15.00 茶歇 / Coffee & Refreshments
15.30 生态选择以及生态审计工具—培养学生寿命周期思维 (阿诗笔)
Eco-selection and Eco Audit Tool: Introducing students to life-cycle thinking (Mike Ashby)
16.15 练习 / Hands-on Exercise
16.45 会议总结及自由讨论 (阿诗笔) / Wrap up and Discussion (Mike Ashby)
17.30 课程培训结束 / End

授课教授 / Training Course Presenters

Professor Mike Ashby / 阿诗笔教授
Mike Ashby, Emeritus Professor in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, is a world-renowned authority on engineering materials being the author/co-author of classical textbooks and of over 200 papers on topics including the mechanisms of plasticity and fracture, powder compaction, mechanisms of wear, methodologies for materials selection, and the modeling of material shaping processes. He is recipient of numerous awards and honours including Fellow of the Royal Society and Overseas Member of the American Academy of Engineering.



Mr. Marc Fry / 福来先生
Marc Fry is Director of the Education Division of Granta Design. He holds a Mechanical / Aerospace Engineering Degree from the University of Cambridge and an EMBA from the Judge Business School at Cambridge with a specialization in university spin-off companies.

福来现任Granta Design教育部主任。拥有剑桥大学机械和航空工程学士学位以及剑桥大学商学院EMBA。


Dr. Nicolas Martin / 马丁博士
Dr. Nicolas Martin holds a PhD in materials science as well as a master’s degree in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Bordeaux, France. Nicolas has worked for the alternative energies and atomic energy commission (CEA) and the Safran group before joining Granta. With industrial sponsorship his doctorate involved composite material improvements for aeronautic applications.



About the hosts and location

This Symposium and CES EduPack workshop is being hosted by the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) in China. The University was founded in 1952 and has developed into one of the most influential key national Universities sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Education. USTB is renowned for its study of metallurgy and materials science, with its main focus on engineering.

Over 100,000 graduates from this University have currently become the elites and backbones in China's politics, economy, science & technology and education, in particular of metallurgy and materials science.


University of Science and Technology Beijing
No. 30 Xueyuan Road
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USTB are assisting delegates with accommodation booking if required. Accommodation is at the USTB Convention Center.

Bed and Breakfast at 300 RMB per night. This rate applies to the nights of June 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2016.

To book, please email before the deadline of May 1, 2016.