Broadcast One

Tues, Nov 29

Ideal for Asia Pacific
and Europe

  • Paris: 09:00
  • Singapore: 15:00
  • Canberra: 17:00
  • Auckland: 19:00
Broadcast One

Tues, Nov 29

Ideal for America
and Europe

  • LA: 08:00
  • New York: 11:00
  • London: 16:00
  • Paris: 17:00

Case Studies on Materials Selection for Biomedical Devices

with Dr Pippa Newby

Join this web seminar on Tuesday, November 29 to discover how to engage students in advanced industrial case studies where medical companies combine engineering material properties and biomedical response data with medical device application information.

Join this web seminar to:

  • Supporting better healthcare decisionsFind out how your students can get quick access to traceable, authoritative reference data to determine if a device is approved for use in Bio Engineering applications
  • Discover powerful visualization tools to compare properties of common Bio Engineering materials
  • Case Study: Discover how Cook Medical is using the ASM Medical Materials™ database, a comprehensive resource for healthcare companies covering hundreds of materials, coatings, and drugs from over 1,000 providers
  • Case Study: See an advanced industrial case study focused on exploring the substitution of the current expensive polymer for a
    suture anchor.

How to register and join the session

There is no cost but registration is required through the WebEx system. Please ensure you set your local time zone to receive accurate meeting invitations and test your setup in advance of the meeting. How to use WebEx, including setting times zone & language preferences 

About CES EduPack

CES EduPack is the world-leading teaching resource for materials in engineering, science, processing, and design. It provides a comprehensive database of materials and process information, powerful materials software tools, and a range of supporting textbooks, lectures, projects, and exercises. With specialist editions for specific disciplines, and three levels of the database and software to suit varying needs in all years of undergraduate study and in postgraduate teaching, CES EduPack is a curriculum-wide resource.

Read professors' reviews, examples, and see the customer list 

About the Bio Engineering Edition

Supporting the investigation of bio-derived, bio-medical, biological and natural materials. Particularly useful for courses that cover biomimicry and new material design, selection of materials that are biocompatible, and the production of materials from natural products. Its two levels grow in depth (number of properties covered) and breadth (number of materials). At each level, additional data enables progression with the student, from an initial subset of the 256 materials through to a comprehensive set of mechanical, thermal, and optical properties, plus bio properties, including biocompatibility, sterilizability, medical grades, trade names and applications for over 3,900 engineering materials. Links to the ASM Medical Materials Database offer even more detailed information for those subscribed to it. Read more >

CES EduPack is now used at over 800 universities and colleges worldwideWho should join the web seminar?

Educators who want to find out more about engaging students in learning about Bio Engineering, including professors, deans, teaching assistants, instructors, accreditation committees, undergraduate and graduate program coordinators, and department heads of university and college courses in areas across engineering, design and science.

This web seminar is not appropriate for students.

About the Presenter

Dr Pippa Newby holds a PhD from Imperial College London on Multifunctional Biomaterials as well as a MPhys in Physics from the University of Kent including a master’s project in Optical Coherence tomography. She has been a laboratory demonstrator, supporting first year material science students with their maths studies, tutoring students from GCSE right up to university level and taken part in various outreach programs including space school, cool physics and forensic crime labs. Pippa supports English speaking universities and colleges across the globe.

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