International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) 2016

Phoenix, AZ, USA

November 11-17, 2016

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Granta is speaking and exhibiting at this event.

Founded by Professor Mike Ashby in 1994, Granta today supports over 1,000 universities and colleges worldwide with CES EduPack, the world’s leading resources to support and enhance materials teaching in engineering, design, and sustainability. Granta also coordinates the Materials Education Symposia conferences. We're always interested in meeting the materials education community to discuss how we can work together to further advance the field.

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Granta Presentation

Session: 6-1-1 Curriculum Innovations, Pedagogy and Learning Methodologies-1
Wednesday, November 16 10:30am-12:15pm

Granta Speaker: Dr Lee Phillips

Project-based Learning about Materials: Case Studies with the CES EduPack tool

Recent years have seen a shift from traditional lecture-based teaching towards new teaching methodologies including project-based learning (PBL), encouraged by pressure from students and accreditation bodies to improve the student experience, develop higher-order learning skills and competencies, and prepare for the needs of a diverse and evolving engineering industry. For undergraduate mechanical engineering and design courses, PBL activities include product disassembly projects, Capstone design projects and holistic eco-design & sustainability analyses of engineering developments. Here, the main challenge is to offer students the structured approach they require to benefit fully from PBL at a stage when they are still developing the needed skills and attitudes to make judgments and design decisions based on reliable, traceable data. We present successful implementations of PBL at top-tier universities worldwide, from our perspective as a developer of resources to support teaching across engineering, design and sustainability. In each case, the data and tools of CES EduPack enable students to smoothly navigate the concepts of materials selection, within wider integrated strategies by the educators that encourage a deep understanding of design decisions and their impact.