TMS Annual Meeting

Nashville, TN, USA

February 14-18, 2016

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Granta is running a course, presenting a talk, and exhibiting at this event.

Booth Number: 615

Granta for Education

Granta provides resources and support for anyone teaching materials or related topics across the full range of disciplines in engineering, science, and design. We also help coordinate a series of annual Materials Education Symposia, including the upcoming North American Material Education Symposium at the University of California, Berkeley. If you would like to meet with us to discuss materials education topics or find out more about the Symposium, please contact us.

Granta for Industry

A spin-out from the University of Cambridge, Granta helps hundreds of engineering enterprises to manage information on the materials (metals, plastics, composites, and more) that are essential to their businesses. We help them to develop and apply material intelligence, making better materials decisions, saving time and money, and reducing risk as they optimize their products. We also provide supporting resources to thousands of university educators worldwide as they teach the next generation of engineers, scientists, and industrial designers about materials, processes, and sustainability. Visit our booth to find out more.

Professional Development Course

Compare materials, visualize their advantages and make smart materials decisions

February 14, 2016

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Explore Software Tools for Materials-Related Critical Decision-Making in Industry, Research, and Education

If you are attending TMS 2016, join this professional development course to learn more about how to compare materials properties, visualize their advantages, and make smart materials decisions. You will learn about comprehensive materials property data and unique graphical tools widely used in industry, research, and education.

Join this hands-on course to:

  • Access an encyclopaedia of materials property data
  • Visualize and compare the properties of materials, including research data
  • Incorporate eco, sustainability and geo-economic factors
  • Identify candidate materials in the early stages of conceptual design or redesign

Granta Presentation

Granta Speaker: Dr Will Marsden

Authors: Will Marsden (Granta), David Cebon (Granta), Steven Arnold (NASA Glenn Research Center), Brett Bednarcyk (NASA Glenn Research Center), Nic Austin (Granta), Igor Terentjev (Granta)

Experiences with ICME Information Infrastructures for Applying Materials Models in Sequence to Give Accurate Macroscopic Property Prediction

ICME Infrastructure Development for Accelerated Materials Design: Data Repositories, Informatics, and Computational Tools
Tuesday, February 16, 2016, from 2PM in room 207B

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