Teaching Materials Information to Bio Engineering Students using CES EduPack

with Dr Louise Smith and Dr Pippa Newby

Join this web seminar on Wednesday, October 28 to find out how the Bio Engineering Edition of CES EduPack supports both introductory and advanced teaching for Bio Engineering departments, and how these departments can participate in the development of future teaching resources.

Join this web seminar to:
  • Find out how the latest CES EduPack Bio Engineering Edition engages students with material concepts and material properties
  • Discover compelling ways for students to explore the basic structural building blocks of the natural world and the great diversity found in biomaterials
  • Learn how to teach the effect of changing a material property through processing, and the implications on the biological reaction
  • Hear new project ideas from our guest speaker, Dr Louise Smith (University of South Australia), who helps students to understand the implications of bio-compatibility as well as engineering performance when choosing materials
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How to register and join the session

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About CES EduPack

CES EduPack is the world-leading teaching resource for materials in engineering, science, processing, and design. It provides a comprehensive database of materials and process information, powerful materials software tools, and a range of supporting textbooks, lectures, projects, and exercises. With specialist editions for specific disciplines, and three levels of the database and software to suit varying needs in all years of undergraduate study and in postgraduate teaching, CES EduPack is a curriculum-wide resource.

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CES EduPack is now used at over 800 universities and colleges worldwideWho should join the web seminar?

Anyone new to CES EduPack, including professors, deans, teaching assistants, instructors, accreditation committees, undergraduate and graduate program coordinators, and department heads of university and college courses in areas including: Bio or Medical Engineering, or Materials Science and Materials Engineering courses which include bio-focused topics.

Past CES EduPack users—find out what's new in CES EduPack 2015, and get inspiration for your teaching. See the major developments to the software, associated data, and teaching resources.

This web seminar is not appropriate for students.

About the Presenters

Dr Louise Smith from the University of South Australia received her BEng in Biomedical Materials Science and Engineering from Queen Mary University of London and her PhD from the University of Sheffield in the Development of poly(vinylpyrrolidinone) hydrogels for treatment of skin graft contracture. She has research interests in the development of biomaterials for wound healing applications especially at the fundamental cell and materials interaction. She is also passionate about supporting STEM public engagement by communicating how relevant, fun and exciting all science and engineering can be. In her teaching Louise contributes through LBAM (BSC Advanced Materials) where she teaches biomaterials and is coordinator of the health materials stream. She also contributes to teaching basic materials science to first year engineering students through RENG 1005 (Engineering Materials).

Dr Pippa Newby holds a PhD from Imperial College London on Multifunctional biomaterials for bone tissue engineering as well as an Mphys in Physics from the University of Kent including a master’s project in Optical Coherence tomography. She has been a laboratory demonstrator, supporting first year material science students with their maths studies, tutoring at a range of levels and taken part in various outreach programs including space school, cool physics and forensic crime labs. Pippa supports the Universities in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

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