Warsaw, Poland

September 19-24, 2015

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Granta is exhibiting, speaking and running a workshop at this event.

Granta Booth Number: 4

A spin-out from the University of Cambridge, Granta helps hundreds of engineering enterprises to manage information on the materials (metals, plastics, composites, and more) that are essential to their businesses. We help them to develop and apply material intelligence, making better materials decisions, saving time and money, and reducing risk as they optimize their products. We also provide supporting resources to thousands of university educators worldwide as they teach the next generation of engineers, scientists, and industrial designers about materials, processes, and sustainability. Visit our booth to find out more.

Granta's Workshop for Educators of Materials Science, Engineering and Design

"Materials in the context of Sustainable Development"

Date: September 19, 2015
Time: 14:00 - 16:30

The workshop will introduce the methodology and resources to support teaching Sustainable Development concepts. The workshop has been designed for educators of materials, engineering and design.

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Granta's Presentation

Granta Speaker: Marc Fry

Monday, September 21 - 2:30pm
Session G, Aula Room,

Teaching Materials to Inspire Science and Technology

Mathematics, Informatics, Natural Sciences and Technology (MINT), or Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) teaching have become important in many countries in order to encourage students to enter higher education and professions in these fields. Science and Technology are generally considered key success factors for tackling global problems and for future economic growth. One particular subject area that is suitable for MINT and STEM teaching at all levels, is Materials. Everybody has experience of materials from a very early age and the subject comprises all levels of complexity, all the way up to recent Nobel Prizes. Material properties are also very much connected to the real world and to people’s own experiences. Materials, in other words, appears to be an ideal subject to exploit and elaborate on in order to integrate scientific and technological thinking in curricula leading up to a University Degree. There is no shortage of information about materials in textbooks, reports, tables, in handbooks and on the internet. If you want to go deeper into the properties of materials though, and understand how these can be exploited and modified, this information is not always accessible and inspiring. Images and visual charts that promote materials knowledge are therefore useful tools for MINT and STEM educators. Our approach aims to interactively and visually promote materials knowledge to the next generation and catch their attention. In this talk, we want to show examples of presenting materials knowledge and concepts using software in an engaging way.

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