CES EduPack 2014 is on its way, with new data, resources, and great improvements to usability

These sessions have now passed. See other upcoming web seminars on our events pages.

During February, join Granta's Education Team and Prof. Mike Ashby (Emeritus Professor, Cambridge University Engineering Department, and Granta founder) at any of these four short web seminar looking at how CES EduPack is being used to support university-level materials-related education across science, engineering, design, sustainability courses.

Each session will include discussions on how to inspire and engage students, and project ideas for you to try.


Tuesday, Feb 18

1. Supporting Science and Engineering Education with CES EduPack

Presented by Marc Fry and Prof. Mike Ashby

Hear how you can enrich your teaching in science and engineering with CES EduPack, saving you time and helping engage your students.


Thursday, Feb 20:

2. New developments in CES EduPack 2014: You thought you knew CES EduPack?

Presented by Prof. Mike Ashby & the Education Team

See how the new developments can support your materials-related teaching in science, engineering, design, bio-engineering, and sustainability. Find out how EduPack has changed in recent years and , why nearly 1000 universities and colleges are using it to support their teaching.
(Repeated March 12)


Tuesday, Feb 25:

3. Sustainability—Supporting Social and Environmental Awareness with CES EduPack

Presented by Prof. Mike Ashby

Join Prof. Ashby for an overview of sustainable development concepts and an introduction to Granta's new resources. Pick up project ideas you can use with your students to help them understand the social side of problems and their solutions.


Thursday, Feb 27:

4. Teaching and Research Resources for Bioengineering Departments


Presented by Dr. Ana Pereira and Prof. Mike Ashby

Dr. Ana Pereira will be discussing teaching and research resources for bio engineering departments, with project ideas you can use to help your students understand the implications of bio-compatibility as well as engineering performance when choosing materials.

Who should join the web seminars?

Professors, deans, teaching assistants, instructors, accreditation committees, undergraduate and graduate program coordinators, department heads. These web seminars are not appropriate for students.