ICEFA VI - 6th International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis

Lisbon, Portugal

July 6-9, 2014

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Granta Design will be holding two separate workshops during the ICEFA 14 Conference.

The first workshop will be held on: Monday 7th July at 14:35 in White Plains 3. 
Title of Workshop: How to Avoid Failure in Engineering Education – Practical Materials Selection with CES

The second workshop will be held on: Wednesday 9th July at 9:10am in White Plains 3.
Title of Workshop: Eco-Design and Life-cycle Engineering Education – Practical Materials Selection with CES EduPack

How to Avoid Failure in Engineering Education — Practical Materials Selection with CES EduPack

Granta Design's workshops at ICEFA VI this Summer provided an opportunity for the team to meet educators, hear about their teaching and to discuss the latest CES EduPack resources for materials and process education. Those involved in advanced teaching and research were also keen to find out more about industrial tools such as CES Selector.

Granta's Workshop

Granta Speaker: Dr Claes Fredriksson

How to Avoid Failure in Engineering Education — Practical Materials Selection with CES EduPack

Engineers create things out of materials and use manufacturing processes to produce them. What do engineering students need to know to select materials and processes that perform as expected, are safe, economically efficient, and have the least environmental impact? This question leads to the introduction of the design approach. Knowledge, data, and tools are necessary for students to make decisions that meet complex design requirements. In this workshop, we introduce a hands-on teaching resource focused on strengthening student interest and understanding of materials and manufacturing. CES EduPack is a popular world-leading teaching resource for materials-related courses in engineering and related disciplines, now used at ~ 1000universities and colleges worldwide. It includes extensive information and property data on materials and processes, interactive graphing and materials selection software, lectures, teaching notes, and tools to assess environmental impact (Eco Audit tool) and hypothetical material properties (Hybrid synthesizer).

This workshop is an opportunity to learn more about CES EduPack and to get hands-on experience of how to use it in problems relating to materials selection. It is based on Short Course Lecture Units developed at the Engineering Department of Cambridge University by Professor Mike Ashby and colleagues. Before the workshop, time-limited licenses for CES EduPack 2014 will be distributed and during the session, there will be an introduction to the software, lectures and demonstrations how to use it for materials selection as well as time for questions and hands-on exercises using your own Windows compatible laptops.