Frontiers in Engineering

Madrid, Spain

October 22-25, 2014

Granta is running a workshop at this event

Granta Design will be holding a workshop at Frontiers in Engineering. We look forward to meeting you to hear more about your teaching and to discuss the latest CES EduPack resources for materials and process education.

Material Science can be thought of as a bridging science between the fundamental and the applied sciences: it is a hub where all these issues come into play. Ask us about CES EduPack, a tool that helps structure this interplay and provides a wealth of data to foster discussion of these issues in both the classroom and student project work.

You can also pick up information on upcoming Materials Education Symposia at the National University of Singapore (December 11-12, 2014), University of Cambridge, UK (April 9-10, 2015), and Ohio State University (March 26-27, 2015).

Granta for Education 

Materials Education Symposium 

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