Manipulating Properties: Material and process trajectories on property charts

with Dr. Hugh Shercliff, Senior Lecturer in Materials,
Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Property charts generated with CES EduPack can help engineering students to understand how the properties of materials depend on their composition, microstructure, and architecture. The differences in properties between material classes can be rationalised, highlighting those properties that give most scope for manipulation—by changing composition and process history. The resulting changes are shown on property charts as "composition and process trajectories", neatly illustrating the effects on pairs of properties relevant to important design contexts (e.g., modulus-density, strength-toughness)

Dr. Hugh Shercliff speaking at this year's Materials Education SymposiumOn Tuesday, May 28, Hugh will demonstrate how the concept applies to all material classes, and is readily extended beyond mechanical properties. He will also show how the approach has been used in a laboratory on heat treatment of steels. A range of worked examples in CES EduPack will be demonstrated, using the facilities in EduPack to define custom subsets, and to colour-code groups of materials.

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About the Presenter

Hugh Shercliff is Director of Undergraduate Education in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, and Director of Studies in Engineering at Girton College, Cambridge. He researches in areas including thermomechanical process modelling and knowledge management, design and manufacturing, sustainability and process selection, and resources for materials and design teaching. He is co-author, with Mike Ashby and David Cebon, of the textbook "Materials: Engineering, Science, Processing and Design".