Elements database

The interactive homepage allows quick access to data on individual elements (click to enlarge)

The CES EduPack Elements database provides the fundamental crystallographic, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of elements across the Periodic Table. This is particularly helpful for materials science courses, physics courses, or engineering courses with more materials depth.


It contains 149 records for 118 elements (some have two or three allotropic forms requiring separate records). There are 70+ fields listing position in the Periodic Table, crystallographic, structural, mechanical, thermal, electrical and magnetic properties, diffusion data and surface energies. The left-hand image shows one way in which this data can be used. A property—here, density at NTP—is plotted against atomic number, illustrating the periodic fluctuations across each row of the Periodic Table. Many other fundamental relationships can be explored in this way.

New in 2015, 3D crystal diagrams help visualise complex structures

The material property graphs in CES EduPack can be powerful visual tools to show fundamental features of the elements. Many basic properties of the elements can easily be displayed as they vary with atomic number. Students can also explore magnetic and electrical properties.

The Elements database has been extended to include some nuclear properties. This can be used to explore, for instance, Neutron scattering and absorption cross sections for elements. It is then possible for educators to demonstrate in class how to select materials in nuclear power applications. Actual moderator materials and control rod materials can be justified from properties clearly displayed in charts made using CES EduPack, as illustrated, top right.

Finally, the Elements database provides information on Critical Material status—i.e., which elements carry a supply risk due to issues such as scarcity, restrictions on conflict minerals, or other geopolitical factors. This is helpful in the study of sustainability.