Preparing students for industry

CES EduPack 2017 features resources and enhancements to prepare students for industry by engaging them with the world of materials.


  • Products, Materials, and Processes Database
  • Enhanced resources for teaching Eco Design and
    Sustainable Development
  • Advanced data, tools and case studies
  • Visual and interactive resources for

New features in 2017

Products, Materials, and Processes
Preparing students for Industry
Eco Design and Sustainable Development
Direct Access to Learning Resources

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For details of all the new features, read the What’s New in 2017 Release Notes here 

Educators using CES EduPack can attend the monthly, interactive, online training sessions to ask questions, see the latest version and give feedback.

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Developments in the next year

Have a look at the Database Development webpages to find out what we are working on for next year and try out prototypes 

Got a good idea? You can email us, submit a feature request in the software or attend the CES EduPack Idea Exchange meeting at the end of the Materials Education Symposia.

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