What's new in 2015?

Educating for real-world engineering

CES EduPack 2015 is designed to provide educators with the information, tools, and resources they need to help prepare their students for the real world of materials-related science and engineering.

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New features in 2015


Explore additive manufacturing
Viewing an additive manufacturing process
New additive manufacturing records in the process database provide a comprehensive overview of these talked about processes. Cost data is included, allowing students to see trade-offs between the ability to make highly complex, near-net shapes and cost.


Explore the economics of eco design
Using the cost analysis tool in the Enhanced Eco Audit
The enhanced Eco Audit tool now includes monetary cost. Looking at cost and environmental factors side-by-side adds realism, helping to engage students and prepare them for industry. Traceability of reference data has also been improved.


Engage with sustainable development
Sustainable development
Improved linking lets students explore critical materials and the engineering materials that contain them. Improved magnetic materials data identifies critical elements that cause sustainability issues.


Support real world design and build
Supporting real world projects
An updated list of materials producers for projects connecting to real-world specification of materials. Database updates to steels, magnetic materials, eco properties, and more support final year/capstone design projects.


.Improved practical selection tools
Viewing an Ashby chart in CES EduPack
Filter materials by form, material family, or additive. These changes help with real-world selection challenges, providing more scope for teaching advanced materials selection.


Enhanced data exporters
Export to more packages, faster
Export up to ten records at once to a wider range of CAD and FEA packages, ensuring reliable materials data for advanced simulation and modeling projects.


Explore the latest data
Browsing metals data
Students will benefit access to the latest versions of the MMPDS, CAMPUS and Prospector Plastics (formerly IDES) databases. New links to the ASM Medical Materials Database support medical device design projects.


Interactive, engaging learning resources
New flash cards in the updated help section
New help resources include interactive games and flash cards to encourage students to learn the materials glossary. Updates to the Teaching Resources Website now put 300+ teaching resources at your fingertips.


Teach materials fundamentals
Crystal diagrams enhance understanding of atomic structures
The Elements database now includes improved pictures of crystal structures.  And two new “Teach yourself” guides on crystallography and phase diagrams can be accessed from within the CES EduPack help.


Speaking your language
Viewing CES EduPack in French
Spanish, German, and French versions of CES EduPack are available with introductory level data (Levels 1 and 2) in the home language. Online interactive glossary tools are provided to help students translate Materials terms in to English.


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