Granta CES EduPack 2007What Was New?

Responding to customer feedback and developments in teaching, Professor Mike Ashby has led the design of EduPack 2006—the latest version of Granta’s CES EduPack. New developments in CES EduPack 2006 include:

  • Enhance introductory materials courses using new scientific content
  • Improve learning based on property charts through visualization of materials families
  • Apply CES EduPack to courses in architecture and the built environment
  • Optimize your current installation with extended and updated records and data


Property Definitions

Each field name (such as “Yield strength”) is now linked to a document describing what the property is, how it is measured, and the underlying physical understanding of its origins.

Image: Viewing the definition of Young's modulus


Detailed description of Young's Modulus being accessed from a materials record.


Materials Family Envelopes

For the first time in the EduPack software you can see 'bubbles' on the materials property charts showing the area where a family of materials lives in the material property space.

Image: property chart for Young's modulus and tensile strength showing materials family envelopes.


New 'bubbles' illustrate materials families.

Architecture Edition

A new edition designed especially for students of architecture and the built environment. The result of a collaboration between Granta, Cambridge University and MIT.