Products, Materials and Processes (Pre-release Edition)

Key Features

This unique database connects products to the materials and processes that made them:


This database is almost ready to be an edition of CES EduPack. It is available since January 22, free for anyone that uses CES EduPack 2016, on the Teaching Resources Website. We hope in this way to get ideas for refinement, and to ask the community what other product examples they would like to see included.

If you use it, you can provide feedback via our database development page.

If you need further guidance on how to download this database, please send us an email to or directly to your Granta contact.

Products, Materials and Processes Database (Pre-Release)

Knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes are essential for designers of products from the latest must-have consumer device to a next generation automobile. Well-designed products provide both function and satisfaction—so they also require Designers and Engineers to work well together, appreciating each other's work, and communicating. This new learning tool engages students of both Engineering and Design in learning about materials through a product-centered, visually inspiring, interactive database that provides information on how and from what products are made. You can use this Pre-release database in your teaching at no cost if you have CES EduPack 2016. We simply request that you give feedback.

Data and Tools


See a video on the new Products, Materials and Processes database

Teaching Resources include:

Student Resources include:

  • Video tutorials 
  • Case studies for students to work through
  • Project files for aesthetic attributes