Case studies

Granta software and information resources are used to inform materials decisions and support materials education by hundreds of engineering enterprises and universities worldwide. Find out more about some of these stories.

Find out how leading engineering organizations such as Rolls-Royce, General Motors, Ethicon Surgical Care, Molex, and NASA are using the GRANTA MI software system to manage their material information and to apply material intelligence to lower risk, increase efficiency, and innovate.

GRANTA MI case studies 

CES Selector
See how innovative enterprises like Honeywell, Tecumseh, Victrex, Chip Ganassi Racing, and Novo Nordisk apply the CES Selector software to help make smart material choices.

CES Selector case studies 

Education Resources
Learn how hundreds of universities and colleges use the CES EduPack software and teaching resources to support materials education, from first year courses to post graduate study.

CES EduPack users and reviews