Benefits of consortia

As a member organization, you will receive:

Software that addresses key problems for your business

Participation in a collaborative project that guides development of the software and related reference data

A formal vote in the process to prioritize developments—ensuring that your specific needs are met at a fraction of the cost of developing in-house solutions

Networking with other members at regular project meetings and web conferences—helping you to identify and implement best practice

Privileged and early access to new software and data developed during the project

Dedicated training and support

Granta Consortia & Projects

Granta collaborations bring together industrial partners to ensure that Granta software solutions meet the needs of the organizations that apply them.

Our Consortia are major on-going collaborations that provide members with formal input to Granta development and many number of other benefits (see sidebar).

The Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC)

MDMC The Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) is a unique collaborative project focused on developing and applying software to manage mission-critical materials data in sectors including aerospace, defense, and energy.


The EMIT Consortium

EMIT The Environmental Materials Information Technology Consortium is for any manufacturing organization.

The project develops and applies materials information technology solutions to assist design around environmental constraints.


The Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium

AutoMatIC Consortium The Automotive Material Intelligence Consortium is a new project focused on best practice for materials information and its use in the Automotive and Off-Highway Vehicle sectors.


Past Projects

The Materials Strategy Consortium

This collaboration defined and applied new software to manage materials data and meet the challenges of material selection, substitution and cost optimization. Benefits included reducing overall manufacturing costs, mitigating the risks associated with global engineering, and improving product quality. It developed technnology that is now available via the GRANTA MI:Materials Strategy Package.

Material and Process Cost Analysis Project

This project, of particular interest to materials producers, developed technology to assist with visualizing and analyzing the cost implications of candidate materials in new product development and new market analysis, now available within CES Selector.