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Granta partners with the world's leading engineering software providers.

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Granta is partnering with Altair, developer of the HyperMesh CAE environment for high fidelity modeling, to enable integration of managed materials data into the HyperMesh system. GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway enables access to materials data, managed in a corporate GRANTA MI database, from directly within HyperMesh. Granta is also a member of the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), enabling APA members to access Granta's CES Selector software using their existing HyperWorks Unites at no additional cost.

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MI:Materials Gateway for HyperMesh 



Granta is an ANSYS software partner. Our collaboration has included development work to ensure the interoperability of the GRANTA MI software with ANSYS Workbench. GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for ANSYS Workbench enables users of this widely-used CAE software to directly access and use materials property data and CAE materials models from a GRANTA MI database.

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MI:Materials Gateway for ANSYS Workbench 



Granta and Autodesk are strategic partners in the development of software tools to support sustainable product design. Granta provides two applications to support the Autodesk Inventor CAD software. Where you have an enterprise installation of the GRANTA MI system, MI:Materials Gateway is an application running within Autodesk Inventor that enables you to access and apply your corporate materials database (and Granta-supplied mateirals reference data). You can apply this powerful technology even if your company does not have a GRANTA MI installation. Eco Materials Adviser is an application shipped with every copy of Autodesk Inventor. It connects to a cloud-hosted database containing authoritative materials property data. You apply this data within an embedded environmental assessment dashboard, enabling you to interactively calculate the environmental performance of a design.

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MI:Materials Gateway for Autodesk Inventor and Eco Materials Adviser 

Dassault SystemesDassault Systèmes

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Granta partners with Dassault Systemes and its SIMULIA brand to help users of the Abaqus/CAE suite and CATIA V5 access materials property reference data from directly within their familiar CAE and CAD environments. This integration is achieved via GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway. Granta and Dassault are also working together closely to integrate GRANTA MI with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enabling materials data from your corporate 'gold source' materials database to flow throughout the product lifecycle.

Material Intelligence for Dassault Systemes software 



Granta is a Gold member of PTC's Partner Advantage Program.

The GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for Creo enables users of the widely-used CAD software from PTC to directly access and use materials property data from a GRANTA MI database. Granta also provides a sample database of materials property data which is made available to every Creo user as part of the standard implementation. GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for Windchill PLM integrates materials data into the product lifecycle.

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Material Intelligence for PTC software 

Siemens PLMSiemens PLM Software (fomerly UGS)


Granta is a Foundation Software and Technology Partner of Siemens PLM Software, providing materials reference data and software interfacing between Granta and Siemens products.

GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for NX enables validated materials property data and models to be quickly and consistently accessed and applied from within NX, Siemens' computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE) solution, providing fully-traceable inputs for designs and simulations.

Granta also works with Siemens PLM to enable materials knowledge management for PLM. The GRANTA MI:Enterprise Connect technology enables materials data stored within the Teamcenter IMM module to be synchronized with GRANTA MI, the company's 'gold source' of materials data. The objectives are to ensure consistent material definitions throughout the product lifecycle, and to enable access to the full richness of the company's materials data, when and where appropriate, for authorized users.

Material Intelligence for Siemens PLM software