Other Materials Expert Partners

In additin to our software and data partners, Granta teams up with a number of organizations that offer expertise and services in materials information, materials analysis, or eco design, supported by Granta technology.

FORCE TechnologyContinuum Blue

Focus of partnership: Materials Selection, Expert Multiphysics Simulation, Engineering & Medical Field

Website: www.continuum-blue.com

Continuum Blue is a UK-based consulting firm which provides multiphysics simulation and consulting services to a wide range of companies. Continuum Blue uses CES Selector to provide expert material selection and substitution advice, as well as at the start of multiphysics analysis projects, to provide the best value service to its clients.

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FORCE TechnologyFORCE Technology

Focus of partnership: Materials Selection, Materials Expertise on Composites, Testing and Prototyping

Website: forcetechnology.com

FORCE Technology is a leading technological consultancy company, offering a broad range of services within energy, oil and gas, the maritime sector, manufacturing, the service sector and infrastructure. Situated in Brøndby, Denmark, it offers small and medium sized companies consultancy and education services in innovation and material optimization using composite materials. It uses CES Selector to offer expert advice on material optimisation to customers.

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Focus of partnership: Materials testing, consultancy, and analysis

Website: www.lucideon.com

Lucideon (formerly CERAM) applies its materials expertise to help clients improve performance and profitability throughout all stages of the product and systems lifestyle: from material selection and concept design to pre-evaluation, process optimisation and failure analysis. Granta's CES Selector software assists with projects that involve analysis of materials choices or manufacturing routes. Granta's GRANTA MI materials information system is also available to Lucideon, offering support for projects that require materials test data to be captured, stored, and shared in an easily-accessible but secure format.

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Focus of partnership: Materials Selection, Materials Expertise on Polymers, Testing and Prototyping

Website: www.materiautech.org

The Matériautech® network (groupe Allizé Plasturgie) is an expanding network of European material libraries dedicated to innovation in materials and processes. It helps polymer and non-polymer specialists whether in R&D, engineering, product design and marketing to increase their material expertise. Matériautech can assist with material selection, identification of suppliers, testing, and production of prototypes with CES Selector. It is a key contributor to the French polymer industry. Its Lyon office hosts Granta’s French office.

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Focus of partnership: Materials, manufacturing, eco design

Website: www.nims.go.jp/eng/

Granta has a memorandum of understanding with Japan's National Institute of Materials Science and collaborates to further the usefulness of materials information in electronic format.