Granta is a private, independent company owned by its founders, employees, and two organizations that reflect and safeguard our commitment to engineering excellence (the University or Cambridge and ASM International).

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Shareholder partner organizations

University of Cambridge

Granta was founded as a spin-off company from Cambridge University. The University retains an active interest and shareholding in the company, managed through the Cambridge Enterprise organization.

Granta works closely with researchers in Cambridge University Engineering Department on new engineering databases and product concepts and also has close ties with the Cambridge University Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy. There is a frequent exchange and interaction with PhD students and at post-doctoral research level, and Granta offers internship opportunities to many university students during their courses. Granta's MaterialUniverse data module and environmental data are examples of technology that are based on active collaboration with the University. Granta's educational software is also used for teaching in a number of Cambridge engineering and physical sciences courses, and many Granta staff are University alumni.

ASM International

ASM International, the world's largest professional society for materials science and engineering, made a $1.6 million investment in Granta Design in May 2000 and signed a further strategic agreement with Granta in 2006. Based on ASM's huge pool of materials information content, such as the twenty-volume ASM Handbook, and Granta's software, the partners are working towards a definitive electronic information system for materials and processes for manufacturing enterprises.

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ASM's Alloy Center Online, Handbooks Online, and Medical Materials Database are all powered by Granta software.

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