Granta Management Team

Dr Patrick Coulter

Chief Operating Officer

Patrick has worked with Granta since 1997. He is an experienced software entrepreneur and business manager, beginning with Cambridge Molecular Design, a successful materials and chemistry software company that he founded in the late 1980s and which continues, through its successor operation, to employ many scientists and support staff in Cambridge. It too was a spin-off from university research and created the leading software in its field of molecular modeling. Patrick has post-doctoral experience in materials and polymer science, a PhD in chemistry from Cambridge University, and has held positions at ICI and Unilever. He has applied his scientific, industrial, and business expertise to drive sustained growth at Granta and to manage and evolve operations as the company grows. He also finds time to contribute to product development and to work directly with Granta customers—particularly in his favored subject areas of polymers and eco design.

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