Other Collaborations

IOM3IOM3 Construction Materials

Type: Industry Group

Website: www.iom3.org/construction-materials

The Construction Materials Group is a multi-material group providing a forum for the exchange of information, knowledge and state-of-the-art industrial practice on all aspects of construction materials including iron and steel, polymers, heavy clay building products, cement and concrete, timber and wood products, composites, glass, light metals, and primary and secondary aggregates. Construction remains a major source of global environmental impact, Granta provide one of the links between the activities of this group and the IOM3 Sustainable Development Group, providing expertise on data, tools and approaches to reducing these impacts as well as forging links with other sectors.

MatML logoMatML

Type: Industry Group

Website: www.matml.org

Initiated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), MatML (Materials Markup Language) is a standard for electronic exchange of materials property information. It is based on XML (eXtensible Markup Language) principles. Granta participates in the MatML Coordination Committee which steers the project.

Materials and Structures National Technical Committee

Type: Industry Group


Previously hosted under the Aerospace and Defence KTN and recently brought under the banner of the new Aerospace Technologies Institute (ATI) the committee provides a properly focussed, integrated approach to UK Materials R&D in the aerospace sector by integrating development programmes into a coherent delivery strategy the NTC to influence policy makers and funding agencies. It also facilitate the formation of integrated teams to deliver the individual programmes. Granta are an active contributor to this committee, contributing knowledge and expertise on emerging trends and requirements for materials information management for example through the HITEA project, a consortium assembled under the auspices of this committee.

Nanofutures logoNANOFUTURES

Type: Industry Group

Website: www.nanofutures.eu

Granta participates in NANOfutures, a European Technology Integrating and Innovation Platform (ETIP) with the objective of connecting and establishing cooperation and representation of Technology Platforms that require nanotechnologies in their industrial sectors and products.