Collaborative projects

Collaborative Projects Team

Granta has extensive experience in industry and government funded collaborative projects in a wide range of subject areas including Additive Manufacturing, Composites, Advanced Metallurgy, Computational Materials Science, Resource Efficiency, Risk Management, and Coatings and Substitution. The team is co-ordinated by Dr James Goddin, Dr Donna Dykeman and Dr Ana Pereira.

Granta is always interested in new opportunities to collaborate – please contact us if you would like to partner with us on a project.

James Goddin Dr James Goddin
James Goddin is the Collaborative Programme Manager at Granta, maintaining a strategic view on Granta involvement in all collaborative R&D projects. He is a registered chartered engineer and previously spent ten years at the Building Research Establishment where he consulted on materials durability issues and led a range of innovative R&D projects.
Donna Dykeman Dr Donna Dykeman
Donna is an experienced researcher with 14 years in the field of polymer composites manufacturing, characterization, and durability. She was a Research Associate at the University of Waterloo, gained a PhD in Materials Engineering from the University of British Columbia, and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick. She coordinates Granta's involvement in projects and groups in areas including composites, manufacturing, built environment and eco design.
Dr Ana Pereira Dr Ana Pereira
Ana holds a PhD in Biological Engineering and an MSc in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the University of Sheffield. She has work and teaching experience in Manufacturing Engineering. Ana leads on a number of our collaborative projects, particularly in the area of the circular economy. She works extensively with Granta's education team and our academic collaborators.


Projects and collaborations

Additive Manufacturing (more...)

  • AMAZE—Additive manufacturing for metallic components (Active Project)
  • Manudirect—manufactuing of nano-materials (Completed Project)
  • NanoMicro—Developing a new nano-micro manufacturing platform (Completed Project)
  • Step-Up—Polymer-based rapid manufacturing (Completed Project)

Composites (more...)

Metals (more...)

Computational Materials Science / ICME (more...)

Resource Efficiency (more...)

  • ADS Design for Environment—standardizing environmental metrics for the Aero industry (Industry Group)
  • ASTM E60—sustainability standardisation (Industry Group)
  • CE100—a leading collaboration on the circular economy (Industry Group)
  • G.EN.ESI—practical eco design methodologies (Active Project)
  • IOM3 Sustainable Development—UK Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining focus group (Industry Group)
  • Life+ CEM—developing novel metrics for the circular economy; methodology and tools (Active Project)
  • ResCom—towards closed-loop manufacturing systems (Active Project)

Risk Management (more...)

  • ADS HazMat—standardizing the response to hazardous materials for the Aero industry (Industry Group)
  • ERECON—European Rare Earth Competency Network (Industry Group)
  • European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials—planning for EU materials research (Industry Group)
  • IAEG—International Aerospce Environmental Group (Industry Group)
  • Samulet—Aero-engine industry response to 2020 emissions targets (Completed Project)

Coatings and Substitutions (more...)

  • AMSCA—UK Aero project on Chromium replacement processing research (Active Project)
  • HITEA—UK Aero substitution project for Hexavalent Chromium (Active Project)
  • Supersonic—Generation of nano-structued coatings (Completed Project)

Other (more...)