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Collaborative Projects Team

Granta has extensive experience in industry and government funded collaborative projects in a wide range of subject areas including Additive Manufacturing, Biomedical, Composites, Advanced Metallurgy, Computational Materials Science, Resource Efficiency, Risk Management, and Coatings and Substitution. This work is coordinated by Dr Donna Dykeman, and Dr Alex Cazacu.

Granta is always interested in new opportunities to collaborate – please contact us if you would like to partner with us on a project.

Granta can also support collaborations through the MI:Collaborate package, which provides you with the software you need to manage and share materials data within multi-partner collaborative projects.

Dr Donna Dykeman

Dr Donna Dykeman
Donna Dykeman is the Collaborative Programme Manager at Granta Design, maintaining a strategic view on Granta involvement in all collaborative R&D projects. Donna has been working for Granta on collaborative projects for the past five years, notably in the areas of composites, additive manufacturing, eco-design, built environment, and ICME.

Prior to joining Granta, she spent 14 years in the field of polymer composites manufacturing, characterization, and durability in research settings (Universities of New Brunswick, British Columbia and Waterloo).

Dr Alex Cazacu

Dr Alex Cazacu
Alex Cazacu is a Senior Project Manager in the Collaborative R&D team, currently running projects in the area of additive manufacturing and seeking to expand opportunities in coatings. Alex holds a PhD in Nanotechnology (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) and has expertise in materials engineering, coatings and thin films deposition processes and characterisation, electromagnetic FEA, product design and technology innovation.

In his previous work, Alex contributed to the development of new and improved products in industrial inkjet printing and magnetic recording technologies, as well as coatings development work for aerospace applications. Alex has authored several high technology patents and peer-reviewed publications.


Projects and collaborations

Additive Manufacturing (more...)

  • DRAMA—Establishing additive manufacturing pilot plant facilities and their digital twins (Active Project)
  • Passport—Part-specific process optimization in SLM (Active Project)
  • DREAM—Distortion elimination in SLM parts (Active Project)
  • NIFTY—Developing a novel hot-isotastic pressing process (Active Project)
  • AMAZE STUDY—Additive manufacturing for metallic components (Completed Project) READ THE FULL CASE STUDY

Biomedical (more...)

  • FLEXPOL—developing antimicrobial flexible polymers for use in hospital environments (Active Project)

Composites (more...)

Metals (more...)

Computational Materials Science / ICME (more...)

  • COMPOSELECTOR—developing a business decision support system for polymer-matrix composites (Active Project)
  • Computational Materials Data Network—a materials data response to the US Materials Genome Initiative (Industry Group)
  • CORNET—a project to develop a unique EU Open Innovation Environment (OIE)
  • EMMC-CSA—develop a common understanding of the requirements of materials modelling within Europe (Active Project)
  • FORCE—develop a framework to enable access to materials simulation to support business decision making (Active Project)
  • MARKETPLACE— build an open web-based integrated Materials Modelling and Collaboration platform

Resource Efficiency (more...)

  • KTP Built Environment & Construction Industries—selection of materials for the Built Environment and Construction sectors (Active Project)
  • ResCom—towards closed-loop manufacturing systems (Active Project)
  • ADS Design for Environment—standardizing environmental metrics for the Aero industry (Industry Group)
  • ASTM E60—sustainability standardisation (Industry Group)
  • CE100—a leading collaboration on the circular economy (Industry Group)
  • IOM3 Sustainable Development—UK Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining focus group (Industry Group)
  • G.EN.ESI—practical eco design methodologies (Completed Project)
  • Life+ CEM—developing novel metrics for the circular economy; methodology and tools (Completed Project)

Risk Management (more...)

  • PLEIADES—enabling integrated eco design of aerospace products (Active Project)
  • ADS HazMat—standardizing the response to hazardous materials for the Aero industry (Industry Group)
  • ERECON—European Rare Earth Competency Network (Industry Group)
  • European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials—planning for EU materials research (Industry Group)
  • IAEG—International Aerospace Environmental Group (Industry Group)
  • Samulet—Aero-engine industry response to 2020 emissions targets (Completed Project)

Coatings and Substitutions (more...)

  • AMSCA—UK Aero project on Chromium replacement processing research (Active Project)
  • HITEA—UK Aero substitution project for Hexavalent Chromium (Completed Project) READ THE FULL CASE STUDY
  • Supersonic—Generation of nano-structued coatings (Completed Project)

Other (more...)

Supporting projects with the MI:Collaborate software

Granta MI:Collaborate™ is a cost-effective, easily accessible package for managing and pooling materials and process data within multi-partner collaborative R&D projects. It can help you to get greater value from your project data and to demonstrate value retention for funding agencies.

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