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Video: How Aerospace Leaders Manage and Use Materials Information

MDMC Web Seminar, May 9, 2012

At a web seminar on May 9, 2012, speakers from four members of the Material Data Management Consortium (Boeing, Honeywell, NASA, and Granta Design) discussed the management and use of critical data describing composites, alloys, and other aerospace materials. Watch the recording to learn how industry leaders capture, analyze, control, and maintain all of their materials information, enabling the creation of fully-traceable design-allowable data.

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Speaker biographies

Mr. E. Joe Sharp

As manager of Boeing's Computational Methods Group, E. Joe Sharp heads the research and technology team responsible for computational material simulation. Sharp received his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Washington, and went on to work with Rocketdyne as a structures analyst on the Space Shuttle Main Engine project. At Boeing, he has been development team leader for the Boeing Common Structures Workstation project. Sharp also serves as the engineering system owner for the Boeing Engineering Materials Data System (EMDS).

Dr. Michael Gorelik

An Engineering Fellow at Honeywell Aerospace, Dr. Michael Gorelik has over 20 years of experience in fracture mechanics, fatigue, probabilistic methods, and material data management. He currently serves as project manager for Granta deployment at Honeywell. The recipient of numerous technology awards and the author of many published papers and technical articles, Gorelik is a chairman of the SAE G-11 Aerospace Standards Division and Honeywell representative on MDMC (Material Data Management Consortium). He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering Mechanics/Materials Engineering from the University of Illinois, and an MBA degree from the W.P. Carrey School of Business (ASU).

Dr. Steven M. Arnold

Steven M. Arnold is Chief of the Mechanics and Life Prediction Branch within the Structures and Materials Division at NASA Glenn Research Center. His investigations of structural material behavior for advanced aircraft propulsion systems has resulted in numerous computational tools, including the award-winning micromechanics analysis code MAC/GMC. Co-founder and chair of the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC), Arnold is also the director of MACE, NASA Glenn's Multiscale Analysis Center of Excellence.